Good builders will respect the dream. 

What does that mean? Building a house is like having a newborn child into the home. 

When a person or a couple walk through a display home, they may say how beautiful this home is and how it suits their needs. Whereas in other cases a different couple may walk-through the same display homes and wonder what was the builder thinking. Why? 

Each home is a representation of who we are as people and how we want to project ourselves to our friends and the lifestyle that we wish to live. We call it the DNA effect. DNA is what makes all of us different. 

Often minor modification takes place to a home to suit your individual desires which again is a representation of who you are as people. The DNA effect! 

We stated before it’s like bringing a new-born baby into the home. Think about it this way:

Once we’ve decided on the exact display or design of our home we then go through the process of colour selection. That is were we can have the same house built by the same builder 150 times, yet it will Never be exactly the same. There are multiple nuances that are different. The selection of tiles, roof gutter colour, tiled roof, steel roof, colour of tiles or steel, brick selection, mortar selection, window frame colour and the list goes on. Each one of these is a representation of who you are as people and how you wish to be perceived by your peers. It is also about your personal lifestyle. 

Then you witness the start of construction from the slab all the way through the process until finally the builder hands you the keys. It is like watching a child grow. It’s your task to finish it off with a beautiful garden, perhaps a swimming pool and a nice deck. But at all times it was your baby, your inspiration, your DNA that brought the concept together.

Good builders understand this process and good builders will respect this dream. We strongly recommend that you look at our list as it’s been a collated by several of the Independent Inspectors in Victoria and Queensland. 

We can categorically state that there is no financial benefit to any of the Independent Inspectors other than the fact that we can assist you if you choose a good builder.